Easy Canteen Management Machine



Main Functionality

  • Read Employee RFID card ID or finger print
  • Print token for order based on time
  • Canteen Boy scan token and serve order to employee
  • Stores on central server
  • To deduct those amount from their salary link to employee payroll management application server
  • Shows reports Total orders monthly, weekly and daily based on employee ID or total employees

Advantages of Easy Canteen 

  • We can Organize address the Canteen Problem effectively
  • We can Save the wastage of food
  • We can bring the canteen usage data to finance Department systematically and   accuracy .
  • We can control the outsider using the canteen facility .
  • We can plan the food preparation with usage projection and quantity is monitored .

Sugar Cane Crushing Report

sugar_cane_report copy


  • Sugar Cane Crushing Report Shift wise hourly based view App is a mobile application which runs on android platform.
  • This android application runs from lower end to higher end devices.
  • Application requires internet connection to work, since application communicates with client’s live server remotely.
  • This app runs on 24/7 with provided internet connection.



Advantages of this Application

  • Keeps Factory Managers Aware about the Out put and In Put Hourly basis
  • Management Can see virtually a factory Out Put and Input.
  • Management Can Plan for Business Projection
  • Management Can Identify the Problems in the factory .
  • Management can See the Reports of back dated, hourly Report .
  • They Can escalate Problem With Report Proof .
  • It will save communication Time .
  • Management Can plan financial Needs based production Report Quickly .
  • Management Can Plan surplus availability of other necessary products for the smooth running of the product .
  • Our Application Helps Factory Management to analyze the Productivity and helps to plan necessary actions quickly .




Download : click here to Download Click4Help Android Mobile Application 


Existing System

  • In Existing system we tend to call the respective police station or the police call center number, 100/103.
  • We need to call our relatives or neighbor to seek help. This may not be practical in an emergency situation.
  • It would be nice idea if the exact location could be conveyed to people who would like to extend help, which is a missing factor

Click4Help Current System 


  • To ensure Security of citizens of the State.
  • To ensure immediate response from the relatives, Police and people nearby.
  • www.meetmypolice.com is a web and mobile based application which will help law enforcement.
  • A centralized integrated system for all kind of support needed for various types of emergencies
  • Even police can seek additional support with the exact geo location


How it Works



  • Any person in any emergency, especially women, click a button on the mobile app.
  • As soon as the button is clicked, the information of the user and exact geographic location is sent to the nearest police station, patrolling police team and 3 close relatives for help.
  • Nearby people with the same app installed would also be intimated, even without internet connections

Scope of the Project

  • This application  will help bring down crime,
  • It will make it easier to catch the culprits,
  • Public will get immediate response from security and relatives from single touch on mobile app .
  • The information gathered in a central server about occurrences of crime will help police plan their manpower better.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Services


Cloud computing is among the leading disruptive trends and strategic technologies of this decade that offers a new IT delivery model. Several recent new developments have made security, risk management and governance in the Cloud more manageable, and hence opened up new options for enterprises that want to leverage the Cloud. Enterprises stand to derive a host of benefits from a smart and consistent Cloud strategy.

Milan Infotech’s provide the following Strategy Solutions:

Cloud Opportunity Assessment Tool: A toolset to support the assessment of your organization’s applications and infrastructure to determine potential cloud opportunities, define a target application and infrastructure architecture, and develop road maps.

Cloud Market Insight: Milan Infotech continually monitors the global cloud marketplace to assess solutions for infrastructure, platform, software and business process as a service, as well as supporting tools and technologies. The team also maintains a knowledge repository that captures Milan Infotech’s collective cloud strategy expertise.

Cloud Methodology: A proven methodology used to support the development of your cloud strategy, focusing on the alignment between business and IT, understanding the business and IT strategy and imperatives, the target cloud architecture, implementation road maps and business cases, and impacts to the IT operating model.

Cloud Enterprise Architecture: A cloud enterprise architecture representing a future application and infrastructure architecture, This enterprise architecture is maintained by a dedicated team as the cloud marketplace evolves.

Cloud Market Insight: A proven blueprint for how an IT organization operates and how IT services are provided to the organization, including functions, processes, governance, roles and organizational models. This operating model is constantly refreshed.

Milan Infotech’s Cloud Services Expertise


Mobility Services

Mobility Enterprises


Mobile technology has brought immense power to the business and has gone beyond the consumer space

In the drive of enterprise mobility, Milan Infotech can help businesses deliver enterprise data to their employees on any device, anywhere

We assist our customers to formulate enterprise mobility strategy, design & implement mobile solutions, and rapidly develop & deploy cost effective enterprise, m-commerce and social networking mobile applications using proven industry standard and state of the art tools, technologies and frameworks.


Milan Infotech’s Enterprise Mobility enterprises team consistently works upon exploring recent trends and converts them as point solutions for various industry verticals – be it utilities, apps or games suitable to cater to business requirements and maximize benefits. A few of our key services are described below.

Milan Infotech’s Mobile Enterprise Services


Embedded Solution

Embedded Systems Development


High-tech products continue to have significant impact on the socio-economic scenario, in terms of comfort, convenience and productivity improvements. Personal comfort and productivity through smart and efficient devices; industrial productivity improvements with intelligent controllers; complex medical procedures with due precision enabled by advanced technologies; enterprise efficiencies through advanced computing platforms and multifunctional devices; breakthrough innovations in automobile and  transportation – today, every aspect of personal life and business is undergoing transformation using intelligent technologies.

Embedded Technology is at the heart of these intelligent products and Milan Infotech helps these product manufacturers to address their ever-increasing needs in this space. Milan Infotech has extensive experience in Embedded Systems that span across various industry segments. We are at the forefront of the technology arena and help our customers to overcome all technology challenges


We are a leading service provider in the Embedded Systems market servicing industry segments including:

  • Automation & Control
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Mobile & Wireless
  • Office Automation
  • Storage, Networks & Computing

Milan Infotech’s Embedded System development expertise

embedded system



New generation services merging telephony, entertainment and data that run on pure IP networks represents the ultimate goal of a Communications Service Providers for the communications industry. Components and pilot networks running on NGN architectures are debuting in pockets across the Service Providers’ world.

MILAN INFOTECH’s Telecom Practice has successfully executed large co-sourced and outsourced engagements in BSS/OSS Systems Integration, Service/ Subscriber Portals, Analytics and Decision Support, IT consulting, and Application Development & Maintenance across geographies, including India and Europe.  We offer our customers cost advantage, value & assets derived from our Solution Labs, reduced time to market, flexibility to engage MILAN INFOTECH for consulting, systems integration or complete solution rollout using various sourcing models.

Service Offerings:

  • Integrated BSS / Billing
    • BSS/Billing platform and consolidation solutions
    • Integrated customer channel portals
    • BSS QA and Management, including new service/products rollout
    • Systems Integration for end-to-end automation (Supply Chain, Accounting, Enterprise Applications, Fraud Management, Portability etc.)
  • Service & Network Assurance
    • NMS platform and consolidation solutions
    • Integrated customer and service assurance
  • Telecom Analytics
    • Service/subscriber operations analytics
    • Customer analytics and intelligence solutions
    • Converged customer and network analytics
  • Next Gen Telco Portals and Platforms
    • Service Creation Portals


The Retail industry is also witnessing many physical and technological changes leading to consolidations, restructuring and also reorganizing the way in which the business is conducted. Retailers today face greater challenges in acquiring new customers, satisfying, retaining and acknowledging their buying through loyalty programs, promotions and managing the Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) in a multi channel environment. 

MILAN INFOTECH’s Retail business unit leverages its business process knowledge, technological capabilities, strategic alliances and strong global presence to offer innovative IT solutions to the Retail Industry. Our technical consultants specialize in ERP technologies, developing interfaces to varied systems, pervasive computing on PDAs, and Enterprise Application Integration skills among others. 
This business unit also comprises of talents with extensive domain experience in Retail Information Systems, SCM (Warehouse systems, logistics, CPFR), Merchandising systems, CRM, Data warehousing, and multi channel retailing. The functional consultants and analysts come with comprehensive industry knowledge from various businesses like hyper-markets, large supermarkets, department stores, and specialty stores. 

MILAN INFOTECH’s Retail vertical business unit understands the Retail business processes and the technologies to enable them. Our Retail specialists can help conceptualize, evaluate, design, develop, implement and support systems for retailers. 

We provide innovative and business specific solutions, addressing these needs, enabling our clients to improve their productivity and efficiency, as well as reduce risk and costs. We add significant value in all our client engagements, with our quick delivery, high-quality standards, and specialist expertise. 

Services offered:

MILAN INFOTECH combines through domain expertise and rich technology capabilities to improve your odds by providing Manpower Resources to your unique needs. We provide you frameworks that manage complexity and implement retail solutions that deliver immediate business value, helping you gain competitive edge, and position your company for the future.

Product Engineering

An increasing demand for innovative electronic products at lower costs presents tremendous challenges for companies trying to satisfy both requirements. For product companies, Product Strategy governs company’s ability to outwit the competition and propel business excellence. Defining the right product to address  the unmet needs is a key starting point; but translating those needs into a product that is made on time, within acceptable budget constraints and then inducted into businesses, requires attention to operational excellence.

The above challenges along with globalization of markets have forced companies to consider outsourcing in the Product Engineering and Product Design services space. However, product development through an outsourcing service partner raises key concerns such as:

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection
  • Product Domain Knowledge
  • Changing Requirements
  • Standardized and well-defined processes
  • Development and program process integration with partner processes
  • A product team that will continue to work on the product year-on-year, and
  • Fixed budget and tough deadlines.




In today’s highly competitive market, manufacturers’ ability to retain and increase business depends on how well they contain costs, and improve operating efficiencies, and decrease time-to-market for new products. Our Manufacturing Practice provides a range of solutions that address these issues.




Our Core Competencies in Manufacturing:

  • Domain
  • Technology
  • Program and Project Management

We leverage proven methodologies and cost-cutting measures that provide manufacturing Solutions the best business results for their technology investments.


Face your industry-specific issues head-on
Our service offerings are geared to the manufacturing industry’s need for enterprise-wide solutions that enable business stability, growth, and excellence. They include:

Business Consulting:

  • Domain consulting for process, discrete, and FMCG sub-vertical segments recommend and deploy the right IT solutions.
  • Supply chain optimization solutions Configuration, design, planning, implementation, and maintenance.
  • Customer relationship management solutions Strategy, design, and implementation.