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ServiceNow Consulting


ServiceNow Implementation Services


ServiceNow Integration Services


ServiceNow Managed Services

1. ServiceNow Consulting Service

Our Approach:- Assessment—–Analysis——Road Map——-Implement

Understand the Current IT Inventory and capabilities in the organization along with the market leaders and consumer requirements.

Considering the extent, risk and alternative to which organization wants to modernize the IT landscape. Eg: An approach to utilize existing legacy systems then gradually transform to a entirely new system.

Road Map
Managing the lifecycle costs, time constraints and plan accordingly to sprints of development

Finally Implement the project through following steps

  • Project Plan
  • Communication Team
  • Team Management
  • Execution
  • Testing
  • Deployment

2. ServiceNow Implantation Services

Milan has leveraged the years of expertise that the management team has brought to enhance the capabilities around development, customizations, Implementation and integration on ServiceNow platform. The Core capabilities of  Milan lies around IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, Service Portal, Performance Analytics, Project Portfolio Management and Custom Application development on NOW platform.

Milan provides an Integrated and rapid implementation approach. We stand out in market with our existing library of integration scripts, predefined process modules for various business scenarios and providing the end to end lifecycle Solution by using ITOM – ITSM combined.

This helps in providing a rapid implementation times which are at least 20% faster in entire market space. Following are the key capability areas defined in ITSM-ITOM-ITBM space.

3. ServiceNow Integration

  • Natively integrate ServiceNow with anything.
  • Create powerful re-usable integrations.

  • No-Code/Low-Code Development using ServiceNow Integration Hub as well as legacy Orchestration support.
  • Out-of-the box codeless connectors for industry standard applications.

  • Ready Templates available for Foundation/Transactional Data for Legacy/Cross-Product Data loads.
  • Pre-built Data Load Packages to reduce time.

4. ServiceNow Managed Services

Any model can be engaged based on customer’s specific requirement for support. The resources provided have skills from L1 to L4. Milan consultants are ITIL and ServiceNow trained for various staffing needs of our partners and customers and are available on both.

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