Cloud Computing Services


Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is among the leading disruptive trends and strategic technologies of this decade that offers a new IT delivery model. Several recent new developments have made security, risk management and governance in the Cloud more manageable, and hence opened up new options for enterprises that want to leverage the Cloud. Enterprises stand to derive a host of benefits from a smart and consistent Cloud strategy.


Milan Infotech provides the following Strategy Solutions in this arena :

Cloud Opportunity Assessment Tool

A toolset to support the assessment of your organization’s applications and infrastructure to determine potential cloud opportunities, define a target application and infrastructure architecture, and develop road map.

Cloud Market Insight

Milan Infotech continually monitors the global cloud marketplace to assess solutions for infrastructure, platform, software and business process as a service, as well as supporting tools and technologies. The team also maintains a knowledge repository that captures Milan Infotech’s collective cloud strategy expertise.

Cloud Methodology

A proven methodology used to support the development of your cloud strategy, focusing on the alignment between business and IT, understanding the business and IT strategy and imperatives, the target cloud architecture, implementation road maps and business cases, and impacts to the IT operating model.

Cloud Enterprise Architecture

A cloud enterprise architecture representing a future application and infrastructure architecture, This enterprise architecture is maintained by a dedicated team as the cloud marketplace evolves.

Cloud Market Insight

A proven blueprint for how an IT organization operates and how IT services are provided to the organization, including functions, processes, governance, roles and organizational models. This operating model is constantly refreshed.

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