Onsite Projects Snippets

Allowable Damage Limit (ADL)

Analysis of Inlet Cowl & Nozzle

Technical Scope:

  • Allowable Damage Limit (ADL) analysis of components of Inlet Cowl & Primary Exhaust Nozzle of LCA (HAL) engines.
  • Stress report generation as per OEM Standards

Execution & Deliverable s:

  • FE analysis of Inlet Cowl & Primary Exhaust Nozzle baseline model for various load cases
  • Identification of critical region where the damages (scratch, dent, crack, gouge, nick) are expected to occur
  • Identification of critical load case at critical region
  • Simulation of different type damages in FE model
  • Calculation of margin of safety (MOS) for static condition


Design of front fuselage bay for UAV

Scope of Work:

  • Design of PAYLOAD bay and EQUIPMENT bay  and supply manufacturing drawings
  • Static, dynamic and vibration analysis

Design Challenges:

  • Equipment bay cover shall be removable to have access for mounting the equipments.
  • Design to consider 6g normal in carriage and 3g in flight
  • Payload bay and Equipment bay shall be modular
  • Calculation of damage (fatigue calculation)


Design of Flap Track Beam

Scope of Work:

  • Design of Track Beams for  Track #2,Tr#3 and Tr#4  and supply manufacturing drawings
  • Static and  Dynamic analysis

Design Challenges:

  • The track beams to be designed to take multiple load paths with fail safe design
  • The structure to be designed  to satisfy  FAR 25
  • Optimum location of  track positions based on minimum displacements and stress  on the skins

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