Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & Transportation 

MILAN INFOTECH has gained vast experience in logistics technology development and in leveraging technology for managed services in the Logistics sector. The service offerings cover areas such as Transport Management System (TMS), Warehouse Management system (WMS), back office, service parts logistics, visibility solutions, fleet & asset management, logistics and supply chain strategy.

The global airline industry faces unprecedented challenges—economic downturns, decreasing traffic, safety concerns, costs, deregulation, and low-cost competitors are just some of them. At Mahindra Satyam, we leverage superior technology capabilities and considerable industry know-how to create solutions for airlines, such as:

  • Distribution management
    •     e-Ticketing
    •     Web reservations
  • Alliance management
    •     Integrating applications
  • Interface and IT infrastructure maintenance-cost
    •     Migrating from legacy to open systems
  • Development of self-service systems
    •     Web check-in
    •     Check-in kiosks

Today’s rail travelers have access to real-time arrival and departure information. Screens installed at stations give passengers up-to-the-minute, accurate information using a centralized computer that uses trackside equipment to monitor and record the exact location of trains. Technologies and business process enhancements from MILAN INFOTECH can help the rail industry in many areas, including:

  • e-Booking
  • Crew scheduling
  • Passenger information systems