MILAN INFOTECH is one of the very few global IT companies to have a dedicated vertical on Government Services as a sector. We have a deep understanding of the complex processes within this sector, and we partner with government and public sector companies to support their strategic and IT initiatives.

We help governments harness the power of information technology with process transformation to improve performance of State and Central governments.

MILAN INFOTECH offers solutions that make education more enriching. Our solutions help educators impart personalized attention to students while expanding the institution’s capabilities and reach. We have a strong understanding of the domain processes that are required to transform a Higher Education academic institution into an E-University. We also bring in the consultative experience to government education departments in instituting directions for such business transformation initiatives.

MILAN INFOTECH has strong past performance in providing packaged education solutions across the globe and in the back-office ERP systems that will be required as part of the E-University transformation.

Some of our offerings to the Higher Education sector include: Constituent Relationship Management (CRM): Helps attract potential aspirants; enroll the best faculty, and build stronger relationships with Alumni, patrons and stakeholders.

E-Research and Grants Management: Helps take your programs to a wider audience off-campus and augment in-campus initiatives with novel, IT-based learning-delivery platforms. Grants Management helps manage research projects and build trust with patrons, sponsors, and the government.