About Us

MILAN, a Bangalore based company had its inception in the year 2007.  It was initiated by the pioneers with extensive background on the best technology for connectivity to provide real time and single point solutions on Engineering Services, Software Services, Manpower Consultancy and Corporate training.

MILAN first analyses the clients requirements, plans accordingly then installs and trains the clients on the products. MILAN even renders constant support after project completion. Our quality technical service has efficiently increased the trust and long relationships with clients from diverse fields such as IT, education and government sector etc.

Effective technology is essential to enhance the way organizations collaborate. Understanding the need and importance of the right technology for connectivity, MILAN provides integrated solutions of the most appropriate technology for oral and visual communication. Over time MILAN has become the single point solution for Engineering and software development activities.

MILAN is a global consulting, software and engineering services company with core competencies in Business/Finance and IT services. We specialize in software services and solutions in these areas for the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, government and retail markets. MILAN is the one of the market leader in delivering the full spectrum of Engineering and Software services using highly cost-effective, experienced and trained resources. The company has a skilled resource base of engineers, designers and programmers in a state-of-the-art development centers in Bangalore, India.

We leverage deep industry and functional expertise, leading technology practices, and an advanced, global delivery model to help clients transform their highest-value business processes and improve their business performance.

We are powered by Nearly 135 professionals who excel in engineering and product development,  among other key capabilities.

Our Culture

CultureWe invite you to learn more about our Business Consulting Services and Quality, which enables us to continuously improve the way we do things so that we can capture greater value not just for us, but also for our customers. We also offer a look at our often – benchmark approach to staying contemporary through learning opportunities for all employees that sharpen personal skills and build deeper knowledge. We value our diversity and leverage it as a competitive advantage. And our leaders are among the most respected in business.

We use learning to drive business success by developing great people with great talent and skills, linking learning to results and personal development; and creating an environment where learning is naturally built into working together to improve our competitiveness.

We are proud of our growing role in the global marketplace, and we recognize that key to this growth is a commitment to value and respect every employee, supplier and customer with whom we work.


MILAN Leadership

  1. The ability “to get people to follow voluntarily.”
  2. MILAN perform one or more acts of leading.
  3. The ability to affect human behavior so as to accomplish a mission designated by the leader. Motivating the employees and also the people in work environment.
  4. MILAN has an unique feature of organizing work by defining objectives and goals. In MILAN we subdivide our goals according to nature and entrust the work to departments, divisions, sections, positions, jobs and tasks accordingly.
  5. MILAN has a formal structure of organization which enables us to provide the customer with better solutions for their business in an effective and efficient manner.